Workshop | Jianqiao University Shanghai,  上海建桥学院

“Drawing with a pencil on a sheet of paper, is undisputed the most intuitive way for Visual expression. Transferred to the digital world, it’s no more pencil and paper, but computation. Nowadays, many people want to combine traditional design with the computer.” John Maeda

The aim of this workshop was to discover computation as a new raw material to integrate into the creative process. The final works should let the digital coexist within the analog world. With the help of an Arduino microcontroller board, we learned how to tame the pixels of our computers, how to free them from their screens and let them escape in our real world. Using the technology of a Pixelstick (a gadget sold now for photographers but originally developped by the Graffiti Reserach Lab), we created our own lightprinter and learned stuff about arduino programming, electronics, LEDs and the principles of analog photography.