Diploma | Kinetic Lighting System

HEXADLIGHT is a smartphone controlled kinetic lighting system for semi-public spaces, that are subject to the constant urge of changing their light situation: showcases and retail space become boring after only three days if they don't change the ambiance, in museums temporary exhibitions require a permanent adjustment of the lighting situation and in offices, there is a distinction between spatial illumination, work surfaces lighting and area lighting. The high ceilings and the huge number of lights make the lighting realignment a time-consuming and costly process. HEXADLIGHT wants to meet all these requirements, by being guided, focused and adapted to any spatial environment remote-controlled via mobile phone.

My diploma was realized at the University of the Arts Berlin, ID5 - Projektgruppe für interaktive Systeme,
Prof. Burkhard Schmitz

Hexadlight was exhibited at the DMY Festival Berlin 2012